Jacob E. Cheadle, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Sociology

Jacob Cheadle has a diverse set of research interests organized around child and adolescent development, for which the study of statistical and mathematical methodologies provides central integrative functions. Since many phenomena in the social world are difficult to measure, he has an ongoing interest in latent variable models. In addition, he also studies social network methodology.

These basic concepts have provided a foundation for research on such topics as parenting, academic achievement, cognitive development, mental health development, and substance use. Cheadle's interests increasingly revolve around integrating biological and social perspectives of human behavior into interactive models, which acknowledge how bio-social interplay leads to disparities in health. From a cross-disciplinary perspective, this is part of an agenda to include thoughtful dialogue about the social world in the often highly visible reductionist discussions of biology and social outcomes. Cheadle’s current research along these lines involves integrating measures of reproductive hormones into models of peer relationships and health-risk behaviors.

Cheadle is a former Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Research Scholar and his published works have appeared in Social Forces, Sociology of Education, The Journal of Marriage and the Family, Sociological Methodology and the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. He earned his doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University.