Jeong-Kyun Choi, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Jeong-Kyun Choi's research agenda is focused on advancing knowledge about the links among poverty, economic hardship, parenting in the home environment, nonresident fathers’ involvement in single-parent families, and early childhood developmental outcomes. In particular, he has examined the impact of nonresident fathers’ involvement on early child development in disadvantaged families.

Another reasearch interest involves the effects of quality of early childhood settings on children’s development. He has recently examined the links between and among child care subsidies, type of care settings (i.e., home- vs. center-based care), the quality of care, mothers’ parenting, and children’s behavioral and cognitive development. Choi is also interested in health disparities of low-income immigrant families with children. In this regard, he has investigated factors associated with the health literacy of immigrants (e.g., English proficiency and educational attainment).

Choi's expertise includes advanced research methods and statistical modeling skills. He has considerable experience conducting longitudinal analyses with using multi-level and structural equation modeling. He is still refining his statistical knowledge and skills using software packages including Stata, Mplus, SPSS, HLM, and Lisrel.