David Dilillo, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Psychology

David DiLillo’s primary research interests lie in the areas of family violence and marital and couple relations. In the area of family violence, he is particularly interested in the long-term adjustment of adults who have experienced various forms of childhood trauma and maltreatment (e.g., sexual abuse, physical abuse, exposure to domestic violence). His work has explored several aspects of this issue, including the interpersonal functioning of adult survivors, and possible mediators of the long-term impact of abuse. Part of this work is an NIMH-funded project that explores associations between childhood abuse history and adult marital and parent-child functioning. He has also conducted research on the causes and consequences of accidental injury.

DiLillo’s teaching activities include a graduate level psychotherapy course, marital and family therapy, and supervision of clinical practicum. He currently serves as the director of the Clinical Psychology Training Program.

DiLillo received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Oklahoma State University in 1997 and joined the UNL faculty in 2000, following post-doctoral work at the University of Missouri.