Christina Falci, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Sociology

Christina Falci's broad research objective is to understand the social determinants of mental health and health behaviors, and to provide insight into the social disparities in these health outcomes across population groups. Several lines of research originate from this broad research interest. First, Falci studies the effects of social relationships and self-concepts on mental health over the life course. Second, she investigates how peer social networks shape perceptions of peer relationships and affect mental health in adolescence. Finally, she explores how family structure shapes family dynamics that are important for youth mental health. Throughout, Falci pays close attention to variation both in the prevalence of risk and protective factors and their effects on mental health outcomes by race, class and gender. She employs several different statistical analytic techniques driven by the theory and questions of the research, such as multiple forms of regression, social network analysis and hierarchical linear modeling.

Falci earned her bachelor’s in sociology from the University of Virginia and her master’s in sociology from Virginia Tech. She then attended the University of Minnesota, where she was an NIMH predoctoral fellow in Mental Health and Adjustment in the Life Course. She earned her doctorate in sociology from the University of Minnesota in 2006.