Edmund Hamann, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education

Edmund Hamann's research involves the study and improvement of school reform and school responsiveness to Latino, immigrant, transnational, and English language learner populations. He uses the traditions of ethnography and policy implementation studies to examine these topics. Additionally, he has used ethnographic and policy implementation lenses to study the roles of state departments of education in comprehensive school reform.

Hamann's current research interests include: (a) the study of education policy implementation across tiers and in relation to underserved student populations, such as English language learners and Latino students; (b) the study of how schools respond to the transnational movement of students and their families (particularly movement between the U.S. and Latin America); and (c) the study of school reform (particularly comprehensive school reform and reform at the high school level).

Hamann received his master's in anthropology in 1995 from the University of Kansas and his doctorate in education in 1999 from the University of Pennsylvania.