Cody Hollist, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Cody Hollist has primary research expertise in transnational research methodology, structural equation modeling and longitudinal data management analysis. His research focuses on family dynamics that influence adolescent mental health with special interest in Latino families. Hollist spent a year in Brazil where he taught, researched and conducted clinical work. During that time, he was able to further understand the academic culture of Brazil and develop relationships with the academic community there. He was also able to learn skills and philosophies for more effective therapeutic treatment of Latino families. He is currently working on a longitudinal project in Brazil looking at family development.

Hollist teaches an introductory undergraduate course in family studies and an undergraduate practicum course. He is the faculty advisor for the Family Science Student Organization. Hollist received his doctorate in marriage and family therapy from Brigham Young University in 2004.