Barbara Jackson, Ph.D. Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center Director, Department of Education and Child Development, Munroe-Meyer Institute Director, Interdisciplinary Center for Program Evaluation, Munroe-Myer Institute

Barbara Jackson has worked in the field of early intervention, specializing in working with infants with chronic illness and disabilities and their families. She directs a clinical outcome research project, Developmental TIPS (Tracking Infant Progress Statewide), which is an NICU follow-up clinical outcome study. The purpose of this study is to obtain data regarding the developmental and health outcomes of young children with an NICU experience. Other research interests include: (a) the examination of the influence of chronic illness on children's coping, (b) evaluation of the impact of early intervention programs on child and family outcomes, (c) evaluation of professional development on young children's literacy skills, and (d) program evaluation across family support and early childhood programs. As a member of numerous task forces she helps to contribute to public policy.

Jackson has her doctorate in psychology and cultural studies with an emphasis in developmental psychology.