Georgia Jones, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Nutrition and Health Sciences

As an associate professor, Georgia Jones’ role is part teaching and part extension. Jones teaches two food classes, scientific principles of food preparation and food safety and sanitation. Her extension program focuses on food literacy, defined as what one needs to know about food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is increasing evidence that preparing food at home is healthier than consuming food away from home. Jones is currently working with Campus Recreation to develop and teach a basic food preparation class for college students. She also working to help children ages 8 to 12 develop basic food preparation skills. As a part of her extension responsibilities, Jones has written two 4-H food manuals: “Fast Foods” and “Making Food for Me.”

Jones has a background in food science. Before she began her doctoral program, she worked for the food industry in quality control and production supervision. After seven years in the food industry, she earned her doctorate in food science at Alabama A&M University. Jones has worked for Tuskegee University and the Agricultural Research Service. She is increasingly interested in working with colleagues in the areas of health and wellness and food literacy, especially in regard to minority populations.