Sherri Jones, Ph.D. Director/Chair and Professor, Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders

Sherri Jones' current research programs encompass basic, translational and clinical research, primarily focused on vestibular physiology. Her basic research programs examine inner ear functional development and aging, as well as the genetics of inner ear dysfunction. She is also interested in the roles the vestibular system may play in physiological homeostasis, and how vestibular deficits may influence other systems such as the autonomic, cardiovascular and skeletal motor systems.

Jones' clinical research examines the effects of blast or sports-related head trauma on vestibular and oculomotor function. Her lab is also developing vestibular-evoked potentials for use as a clinical test of the vestibular system. Other clinical research interests include the developmental aspects of the vestibulo-ocular reflex and early developmental patterns for balance skills in normal hearing and hearing-impaired children. She has taught courses including: applied neurophysiology; hearing science; auditory physiology; assessment and management of vestibular disorders; and embryology and genetics of hearing impairment.