Christine Marvin, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders

Christine Marvin has received a number of university and college awards for her teaching and is a member of the University of Nebraska Academy of Distinguished Teachers. She teaches graduate courses on home-visiting and infant intervention services, family-centered services, consultation and co-teaching in preschool classrooms for early childhood special education (ECSE) populations, ECSE issues and research, and coordinates practicum experiences for students in the ECSE graduate program. She is a member of the UNL undergraduate Inclusive Early Childhood Education Curricula/Admission Committee.

Marvin's past research interests included the study of contextual factors that influence young children's communication patterns at home and school, the home literacy experiences of preschool children who are at-risk or disabled, and the structure and design of home-visiting and coaching sessions in early childhood programs. She is a speech-language pathologist and has provided oral-motor, feeding and language intervention services for infants, toddlers and preschool children and their families while in private practice or as a staff member with the pediatric unit of a large rehabilitation center.

Marvin was the governor-appointed representative from higher education for three years on the Nebraska Interagency Coordinating Council for Early Intervention (NICC), the chair of the Personnel Development and Standards Task Force for NICC and the co-director of Nebraska's project for Supporting Change and Reform in Interdisciplinary Preservice Training (SCRIPT) in Early Intervention. She was also the director of the UNL SCRIPT Project for Graduate-Level Personnel Preparation in Family-Centered Services and Medically Fragile Infants and a faculty member for the UNL SCRIPT Project for Development of the UNL Unified Early Childhood program.

Currently, Marvin serves as a member of the University of Nebraska’s online worldwide steering committee and the strategic planning commission for the University of Nebraska’s Buffett Early Childhood Institute. She is also a key investigator on the CYFS Getting Ready research project, Parent Engagement and Child Learning: Birth to Age Five.

Prior to her role at UNL, Marvin was on faculty at the University of New Mexico, University of Oregon and University of Wisconsin. She received her bachelor’s in elementary education and speech pathology and her master’s in speech-language pathology at Eastern Michigan University. She received her doctorate in early childhood special education at the University of Oregon.