David Rosenbaum, Ph.D. Professor, Department Economics Associate Director for Academic Affairs and Business, College of Business Administration

David Rosenbaum has been involved in a number of research projects analyzing costs and benefits of both public infrastructure development and private investments, including:

  • Energy improvements under the Nebraska Energy Office's energy loan and weatherization programs;
  • Early childhood education in Nebraska;
  • Mobile devices to assist in law enforcement;
  • Irrigation restrictions and the impacts they would have on state and local economies;
  • Forest fuel reduction projects in a four-state region;
  • Arterial redesign in a Midwestern city;
  • A single number information and referral network;
  • A proposed beltway to the east and south of Lincoln;
  • Cost-benefit community analysis of a new prison in Tecumseh, Nebraska;
  • Analysis of the costs and benefits associated with a multi-product utility in South Dakota.
Rosenbaum also serves as an economic consultant to the Nebraska Public Service Commission, where he has conducted extensive research and testified several times about a variety of telecommunications issues. He has authored several economic analysis reports, as well as more than 30 articles published in a variety of professional journals. He received his doctorate in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.