Susan Sarver, Ph.D. Director of Workforce Planning and Development, Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Susan Sarver’s area of specialization is child development. She works with faculty in multiple programs to prepare students to work with diverse children from birth to age 8. Her current research interests include focusing on connections between home and child care. Specifically, she examines issues of continuity between parents and teachers.

Sarver has previously worked with several Head Start populations in Georgia. She worked on the Transition Demonstration Project, which followed Head Start children through third grade. She has also collected longitudinal data with Dr. Zolinda Stoneman, which focuses on families with multiple siblings who have attended Head Start. Most of the work with these data sets has focused on how teachers and parents rate children differently on traits such as temperament.

Sarver received her doctorate in child and family development from the University of Georgia in 1997.