Michael Scheel, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

Michael Scheel has developed a specialty in couple and family counseling. He is very interested in the process of change through relationship-oriented counseling, and he views the link between practice and research as essential. Scheel directs the Center for Couple and Family Counseling in the counseling clinic located in Teachers College Hall. The Center provides services to families, training to graduate students in systemically oriented therapeutic methods and research about family counseling processes.

Scheel's research interests include the study of client responses to therapy. He has particularly focused on factors that promote client treatment acceptability, and the action stage of counseling in which clients are asked to perform out-of-session tasks (homework). He embarked in 2004 on a new line of research, broadly termed counseling psychology, in schools. He is currently developing a counseling intervention model for high school students who lack academic motivation.

Michael Scheel's background includes a teaching degree in math education, a master’s degree in school counseling and a doctorate in counseling psychology. He spent the first 15 years after college as a teacher and a school counselor. Scheel received his doctorate in 1993 and spent the first 7 years of his academic career at the University of Utah. He was then hired by UNL to direct the counseling psychology program, which includes graduate education.