Ellin Siegel, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Communication Disorders and Special Education

Ellin Siegel directs graduate training programs in severe disabilities and another in vision impairments. She also co-directs the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center, Barkley Memorial Center.

Siegel conducts studies in natural school and home settings for children and youth with severe disabilities. Her areas of research include identifying communication and environmental variables between children with severe disabilities who do not use speech and their communication partners. Her additional focus area includes validating teaching and assessment strategies in educational settings for children and youth with severe disabilities. In partnership with Nebraska Department of Education, Special Populations Office, she helps facilitate Nebraska's Statewide Network for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Siegel has her undergraduate training in speech-language hearing and her master's and doctoral degrees in special education. She is recognized nationally for her expertise in special education; severe disabilities with focus on teaching methods; assessment; early communication strategies; and augmentation for learners with severe disabilities, autism and dual sensory impairments. In 2004, Siegel was appointed to the advisory board of Project AIM focused on professional training in ASD as part of a collaborative project initiated by University of Kansas and University of Louisville. She is on the advisory board for the Nebraska Deaf-Blind Project and also serves on the National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities.