Guy Trainin, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Co-Director, Great Plains Institute for Reading and Writing

Guy Trainin is a professor of literacy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the principal investigator of the TechEDGE program that provides research and professional development about technology integration in K-12 schools. He focuses his research in the areas of reading development, teacher education, and literacy integration with technology and arts. Trainin has served as the external evaluator for Nebraska Reading First Grant for six years, as well as for two Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination grants focusing on arts and literacy in elementary classrooms. He teaches pre-service teacher reading and language method courses as well as graduate courses in technology integration and in literacy research. In 2012 he won the prestigious Swanson Teaching Award.

In recent years, Trainin has supported and studied technology integration in schools with multiple grants. He has published numerous research articles and book chapters as well as developed an extensive digital authorship of over 200 videos and blog posts. He has received 29 funded grants (19 as pincipal investigator), which awarded $11.8 million ($1.6 million as principal investigator).