Victoria Weisz, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor, Center for Children, Families, and the Law

Victoria Weisz’s interest in community psychology has been an ongoing presence in her professional and research activities. In the past decade, she has focused this interest on the legal system and its impact on children.

Weisz has directed the Nebraska Court Improvement Project, a federally funded program that is administered through the Nebraska Supreme Court, since 1998. This role has permitted her to work closely with Nebraska trial and appellate courts to improve their practices with abuse, neglect and foster care cases. Weisz also serves as the main support for the recently appointed Supreme Court Commission on Children in the Courts, which studies and makes recommendations to improve the various ways that Nebraska courts involve or impact children. She provides technical assistance to the commission and its subcommittees through research, drafts, data analysis, surveys and facilitation. Current subcommittees include: (a) developing standards and training for attorneys representing juveniles and guardians ad litem representing children in foster care; (b) expediting the appellate process for cases involving abused/neglected children; and (c) studying and making recommendations regarding divorce and child custody practices including legal representation of children, mediation practices, child custody standards, and child custody evaluations.

Weisz also directs the Nebraska Family Impact Seminars, an annual series of non-partisan, research-based, presentations by national experts to state policy makers, particularly legislators. Seminars have been presented on Public Children's Health Insurance: Implications of Shifting Regulations; Rising Health Costs: Policy Options; and Welfare Reform: Promoting Parental Self-Sufficiency While Ensuring the Well-Being of Children.

Weisz received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester, a master’s in legal studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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