Yan Xia, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies

Yan Xia has most recently focused her research on three areas: (a) strengths and challenges in Chinese and Asian immigrant families, (b) stress and coping among Chinese adolescents and college students, and (c) applied research for evidence-based youth programming. One of her research projects examines Chinese adolescents and parents, and depression and school performance. One of her recent publications overviewed the trends and changes in Chinese families and marriage during the social and economic reforms in the past 30 years. Xia and her colleagues have also developed a classification system of family problem-solving interaction for families with adolescents. Her other scholarly interests include program evaluation and culturally sensitive measures. In her research, she has employed a variety of methodologies and statistical data analyses.

Xia teaches “Addiction and Violence in the Family,” “Family Intervention and Fieldwork,” “Program Design, and Evaluation,” and “Immigrant Families.” She taught at high school and universities in China. Prior to her faculty position, she was employed as a research analyst at the Girls and Boys Town National Research Institute for Child and Family Studies.