Brandy Clarke, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Munroe-Meyer Institute

Brandy Clarke has served as the project director of the CYFS-based Pre-3T Project, a federally funded development grant focused on creating a language and literacy intervention program for preschool children at risk for developing reading difficulties. She also contributes to research conducted through the National Center for Research on Rural Education, investigating the effects of contextual variables on family involvement in children's education in urban and rural settings.

Clarke has co-authored several chapters and studies on the topics of home-school partnerships, CBC, school readiness interventions and integrated behavioral health care in rural settings. She is the instructor for the School Psychology Consultation Practicum course, where she instructs and supervises school psychology students learning the CBC model.

Clarke earned her doctorate in school psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2007 and is currently a licensed psychologist. She completed her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral clinical fellowship at The Munroe-Meyer Institute with a specialty in behavioral pediatrics. Her current research interests include early education, development and intervention, home-school partnerships and Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (also known as TAPP).

Brandy Clarke

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