Ronda Alexander

Ronda Alexander Grant Specialist (Pre-Grant)

Ronda Alexander assists in the development of proposal budgets, grant extensions and budget modification. She prepares and processes proposal routing forms and forms.

Istiaque Ali

Istiaque Ali Database Developer & Analyst

Istiaque Ali develops, manages and maintains research databases. He coordinates and analyzes CYFS project data, and programs database-driven websites for the center’s projects. His role also includes the development of electronic mailing lists and dynamic programs to chart and summarize data.

Evan Coleman

Evan Coleman Computer Technology & Web Support Associate

Evan Coleman manages CYFS technology needs, including the maintenance of computer networks, hardware and software for faculty and staff. He assists in the development and maintenance of center websites and provides support for Web-based distance communications technology.

Julie Gillmor

Julie Gillmor Proposal Development Coordinator

Julie Gillmor works with faculty, staff and graduate students to help prepare grant proposals submitted to external sponsors. She identifies funding opportunities, ensures comprehensive grant development support, organizes and coordinates proposal development and submission, and reviews and refines grant applications. Originally from Old Fort, Ohio, Julie earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from the College of Wooster in Ohio. She also has master’s degrees in health administration and public administration from Ohio State University.

Chuck Green

Chuck Green Communications Associate

Chuck Green collaborates with research faculty to gather information about grant-funded projects, then shares that information through articles, annual reports, promotional material and press releases across print and digital platforms. He also photographs research activities, assists with email marketing and social media, and manages the contact database. Originally from Lincoln, Chuck earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Matilda Kond

Matilda Kond Database Developer & Analyst

Matilda Kond designs, develops and manages research databases. Her role also includes developing web interfaces and providing consultation with research staff to maintain the quality of CYFS data management systems. Originally from Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea, Matilda attended Nebraska's Concordia University on a soccer scholarship, where she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration. She also holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Union College in Lincoln.

Dana Ludvik

Dana Ludvik Communications & Media Specialist

Dana Ludvik works closely with CFYS staff and affiliated faculty to develop and implement strategic communications that share the center’s research and help extend its impact. She engages internal and external audiences in the center’s vision and activities through social media, articles, annual reports and promotional materials. Dana is from Lincoln and earned an interdisciplinary master’s degree in marketing, communications and advertising, and a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Marj McKinty

Marj McKinty Office Supervisor

Marj McKinty supports the internal operations of CYFS through the organization and preparation of proposal submissions, information dissemination and the organization and scheduling of meetings.

Kyleigh Skaggs

Kyleigh Skaggs Visual Communications Designer

Kyleigh designs and executes visual concepts for CYFS. She approaches each design with a clear set of goals for how best to elevate the brand and effectively reach its intended audience. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in visual communication and design from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 2015.

Katie Steffen

Katie Steffen Business Manager/Financial Officer

Katie Steffen is the main point of contact for information regarding UNL Human Resources appointments. She prepares letters of offer for new grants and contract employees, and assists with employment paperwork. Her role also includes grant budget and expenditure analysis, the initiation of grant reports for PIs and assistance with PAR reports.

Seth Teager

Seth Teager Communications & Media Manager

Seth creates purpose-driven visual communications that elevate, enhance and clearly define the brand and mission of CYFS. With an emphasis on user interface and user experience, he designs and develops websites for the center and center-based projects. He also designs print materials and provides videography for promotional and educational purposes.

Rebecca Fulkerson

Rebecca Voigtlander Grant Specialist (Post-Award)

Rebecca Voigtlander analyzes grant budgets and expenditures, initiates grant budget reports and reconciles monthly budgets. She maintains updated hours for each staff member and creates categorized reports for hours logged per project.