Additional Services

CYFS offers additional post-award services at an hourly rate.

Current Rates

Statistics & Research Methodology Services provided by CYFS’ Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics include:

Instrument Development

  • Evaluate psychometric data
  • Support best practices in item writing, general design and administration
  • Develop qualitative data collection protocols

Data Management

  • Format response sheets for optical machine reader and scan completed forms
  • Create Qualtrics surveys


  • Create visual data displays
  • Collaborate on manuscript preparation

Data Analysis

  • Perform data analyses including:
    • Descriptive and inferential
    • General/Generalized linear modeling
    • Mixed modeling
    • Latent variable modeling
    • Mediation and moderation analysis
  • Analyze data from large-scale national and international survey studies
  • Conduct qualitative data analysis
  • Guide integration procedures for mixed methods studies

Web, Technology & Communications CYFS’ Web, Technology and Communications team provides comprehensive services including:

Video Production and Photography

  • Record and edit video
  • Disseminate video, including web hosting
  • Provide original photography, edit photos and supply stock photography

Technology Support

  • Provide computer, technology and web support
  • Assist new users with login, network drives and email information
  • Research, purchase and support hardware/software needs

Database Development

  • Develop databases and data collection websites
  • Store data in secure server with routine maintenance and backup
  • Export data
  • Create reports, charts, graphs and PDFs

Written Communications

  • Write publicity content for articles, press releases and social media
  • Write technical content for research recruitment and dissemination
  • Write promotional content for multichannel digital and print advertising

Visual Communications

  • Design posters, brochures, diagrams and email marketing
  • Develop logos and identities

Website Design and Development

  • Create new websites for recruitment, dissemination and marketing
  • Redesign existing websites to improve user experience
  • Create interactive modules for instruction