Funded Projects

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The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Prevention at the Outer Layers of the Ecology: GreenDot to Build Collective Efficacy and Change Injunctive Norms Principal Investigator: Katie Edwards

A Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Transitional Living Program for Women with Histories of Substance Use Disorders and Sexual and/or Domestic Violence (SEEDS) Principal Investigator: Katie Edwards

Ready Rosie - Nebraska Children Principal Investigator: Helen Raikes

Learning Social and Emotional Skills in Head Start: Influence of Familial Risk Factors and Classroom Characteristics Principal Investigator: David Hansen

Nebraska Multi-Tiered System of Support Implementation Support Team Principal Investigator: Amanda Witte

Youth Civic Engagement: Using Simulations and Design Thinking Principal Investigator: Jeong Kyun "Evan" Choi

Evaluating Practice-based Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Approaches from CDC's Rape Prevention Principal Investigator: Katie Edwards

The Role of Stigma in Partner Violence Principal Investigator: Katie Edwards

Determining the Overlap between Latent Behavioral and Neural Changes in Executive Control in Middle School Principal Investigator: Carrie Clark

Language Gains during Early Childhood: Prediction of Later Outcomes and Multiple-Methods Exploration of Relevant Classroom Factors Principal Investigator: Rachel Schachter

Project VIEW: Visual Impairments Education in Writing Principal Investigator: Michael Hebert

Developing Bio-Behavioral Mixed Methods Research Designs for Equine-Facilitated Learning Interventions Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Starting School Socially and Behaviorally Ready: The Impacts of Malleable Home-Based Relationships and Community Setting Principal Investigator: Rachel Schumacher

Advancing Measurement of Spanish-Speaking Students' Mathematics Achievement: A Novel Approach for Controlling Selection Bias in Evaluations of DIF Principal Investigator: Natalie Koziol

HOME C2OOKING: Creative Culinary Opportunities Offering Kids Inquiry-Based Nutritional Genius Principal Investigator: Kelley Buchheister

STEM Education

Pursuing Causal Inferences With Complex Survey Data Principal Investigator: Natalie Koziol

The Efficacy of Technology-Delivered Mental Health Services in Rural Nebraska: Addressing the Needs of Students, Families and Schools Principal Investigator: Amanda Witte

Getting Ready Preschool Development Grant PDG Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

The Effectiveness of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation on Student Outcomes in Rural Communities: A Follow-Up Study Principal Investigator: Henry Bass

Ready Rosie Principal Investigator: Helen Raikes

NDE Home Visit Study Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

Strengthening Nebraska's Communities and Cultivating Better Teachers through Arts-Based Education Principal Investigator: Theresa Catalano

Mindfulness and Mastery Principal Investigator: Helen Raikes

Early Education & Development

Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Child Development Trajectory: Longitudinal Approach Merging National Surveys and Census Datasets Principal Investigator: Jeong Kyun "Evan" Choi

Go NAP SACC Online Tool and Evaluation Principal Investigator: Dipti Dev

Early Education & Development

Educare Evaluation 2018-2019 Principal Investigator: Helen Raikes

Take Flight Farms/St. Monica's Equine Assisted Therapy Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Testing the Efficacy of INSIGHTS for Promoting Positive Learning Environments and Academic Achievement in Nebraska: A Replication Study Principal Investigator: Gwen Nugent

Development and Preliminary Test of the Empowering Networks to Eliminate Trans Stigma (E-NETS) Intervention Principal Investigator: Elliot Tebbe

Maker Fridays: Engaging Rural and Underrepresented High School Students in Pre-Engineering Design and Creativity Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Nebraska STEM: Supporting Elementary Rural Teacher Leadership Principal Investigator: Amanda Thomas

Nebraska Multi-Tiered System of Support Implementation Support Team Principal Investigator: Tanya Ihlo

4-H Common Measures Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Nebraska's ELO Design Challenge: Designing AQuESTT-Aligned ELO Programs Supporting School Districts Across Nebraska Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Examining Elementary Teachers' Enactment of Digital Instructional Materials for Mathematics Principal Investigator: Amanda Thomas

Impact of Natural Environments on Symptom Expression in Children with Autism Principal Investigator: Julia Torquati

Early Childhood Plan Evaluation Principal Investigator: Greg Welch


Analysis of Effective Science Coaching: What, Why and How Principal Investigator: Gwen Nugent

STEM Education

Equity in Engineering: Understanding and Promoting All Elementary School Children's Knowledge of and Motivation to Engage in Engineering Principal Investigator: Lorey Wheeler

A Missing Link to a Better Tomorrow: Developing Health Literacy in Transition-age Youth with High Incidence Disabilities Principal Investigator: Alexandra Torkelson-Trout

A Randomized Trial of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) with Latino Students: A Replication Study Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

School Psychology Specialization in Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Principal Investigator: Scott Napolitano

Early Learning Network Lead Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Learning Frontiers: Pre-K to Grade 3 Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Efficacy of the START-Play Program for Infants with Neuromotor Disorders Principal Investigator: James Bovaird

Getting Ready 0-3 (GR03): Supporting the Development of Infants/Toddlers Through an Integrated Parent-Teacher Relationship-based Approach Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

Math Early On II Principal Investigator: Victoria Molfese

Estimating Mediation Effects in Prevention Studies Principal Investigator: Matt Fritz

School Psychology Specialization in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders Principal Investigator: Edward Daly, III

Evidence-Based Interactions Between Indoor Environmental Factors and Their Effects on K-12 Student Achievement Principal Investigator: Lily Wang

STEM Education

Early Steps to School Success Principal Investigator: Helen Raikes

A Randomized Trial of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) in Rural Educational Settings: Efficacy for Elementary Students with Disruptive Behaviors Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan