CYFS Core Supports

Our core supports offer services to faculty affiliates interested in developing, submitting, and executing federal, state, university and foundation grants.

Research Development & Coordination

The research faculty affiliated with CYFS research development and coordination core support work with principal investigators in managing every aspect of grant proposal development and submission, including identification of potential funding sources, project conceptualization, content writing, editing and critiquing, formatting, budget development and compilation and submission of application materials. They coordinate faculty affiliate interactions with other CYFS supports (e.g. communication and web/technology; methodology) and university support entities during proposal development. The proposal development and coordination team also organizes interdisciplinary scholars to foster new and applied research, as well as monitor grant funding opportunities as they are released by agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation.

Key Personnel:

Lisa Knoche, Research Associate Professor
Gina Kunz, Research Associate Professor
Gwen Nugent, Research Professor

Statistics & Research Methodology

The Nebraska Academy for Methodology, Analytics and Psychometrics (MAP Academy) providesĀ proposal development and post-award supportĀ in the conceptualization of the research design and methodology, as well as the selection and execution of data analyses. Our methodologists are experienced statisticians who specialize in mixed methods, experimental, quasi-experimental, and correlational research designs; measurement; and cross-sectional, longitudinal, and correlational data analytic approaches. They are available to assist faculty affiliates throughout grant proposal development and writing, and to provide data analysis after the grant is funded.

Key Personnel:

James Bovaird, MAP Academy Director
Matthew Fritz, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Leslie Hawley, Research Assistant Professor
Michelle Howell Smith, Research Assistant Professor
Lorey Wheeler, Research Assistant Professor

Administrative Services

Our support staff are available to assist CYFS research faculty and affiliates with both pre-award and post-award grant management. Our pre-award staff has extensive knowledge in developing budgets and can assist in submitting proposals through NUGrant and other funding agencies. They assist with the compilation of grant submission documents. They are available to proofread grant applications, check references and formatting, and ensure agency requirements are met. Our post-award management team can assist with all aspects of hiring personnel, creating contracts, purchasing materials and supplies, processing travel forms, arranging payments for research participants, reconciling budgets and preparing regular, comprehensive budget reports for principal investigators. They also schedules grant meetings, assists with travel plans and orders materials, equipment and technology.

Key Personnel:

Ronda Alexander, Grant Specialist (Pre-Grant)
Rebecca Fulkerson, Grant Specialist (Post-Award)
Cindy Schuerman, Grant Specialist (Post-Award)
Marj McKinty, Office Supervisor

Web, Technology, & Communications

Web and technology staff assist researchers with database development, technology integration and website design. They are available to provide researchers with data export, user-interface development, HTML emails, videography and web analytics. Web and technology staff provide additional support through technology purchases, installation, maintenance and security, as well as distance technology. Our communications and media staff promote the research and accomplishments of CYFS faculty and affiliates to both the academic community and the public. They provide an overview of CYFS-housed research through online articles, annual reports and newsletters. Communications and media staff produce academic conference materials, brochures, fliers and mailers, and are also available to edit and update materials for print and web.

Key Personnel:

Istiaque Ali, Database Developer & Analyst
Evan Coleman, Computer Technology & Web Support Associate
Seth Teager, Web & Graphics Designer
Alyssa Amen, Web & Communicatoins & Media Specialist
Nick Simpson, Web & Communications &: Media Assistant