Grant Submission Process

CYFS is available to assist faculty affiliates in all aspects of the grant submission process.

The following steps are designed to provide a general understanding of the process for grant proposal development and submission. However, these components do not necessarily occur sequentially. The procedures for CYFS grant development and submission are available to help faculty understand the steps involved in writing and submitting grants.

Conceptualize the Project

  • As early as possible, with or without a funding mechanism identified, faculty affiliates and CYFS research faculty conceptualize a fundable research, training or service project idea.
  • Faculty affiliates complete and develop a Proposal Planning Form and Concept Paper and submit their concept paper to Susan Sheridan at .

Identify Funding Mechanisms

  • CYFS proposal development support staff assist in identifying an appropriate funding mechanism whose mission and goal is a good fit with the proposed project.
  • After a funding mechanism is identified and as soon as the concept is well developed, the faculty affiliate contacts the funding agency's program officer to discuss and clarify the intended project.

Develop the Timeline

  • As soon as the funding mechanism is identified and the faculty affiliates commit to develop and submit the grant through CYFS, proposal development support staff assist in developing a reasonable time frame for submission and discuss roles and responsibilities.

Develop the Grant Application

  • Faculty affiliates compile a research team of key personnel, ensuring that the team demonstrates the collective strength necessary to successfully execute the grant project.
  • CYFS proposal development support staff coordinate a meeting with a MAP Academy methodologist to develop a research design which adequately addresses the research questions.
  • CYFS proposal development support staff coordinate meeting with Web, Technology, and Communications Staff to determine project needs and available resources that can be written into the grant proposal.
  • Faculty affiliates and CYFS proposal development support staff consult with a grants specialist to develop the grant budget.
  • Faculty affiliates, with suggestions from CYFS proposal development support staff, discuss and generate a list of potential individuals to ask for letters of support. CYFS faculty can help identify individuals and provide sample letters.
  • Faculty affiliates begin writing sections of the narrative. Samples and templates are available for various sections, including research aims center and institutional capacity, budget justification and work plans.
  • Faculty affiliates exchange section drafts with CYFS proposal development support staff for feedback and edits.
  • CYFS administrative services staff works with faculty affiliates to compile biosketches for key personnel, in accordance with grant specifications.
  • CYFS office management staff are available to proofread the application narrative, if given sufficient time.

Submit the Grant

  • At least four days prior to the submission date, grants specialists and Sponsored Programs prepares the UNL Routing Form
  • At least one week prior to the submission date, all grant materials are submitted to center administrative staff who prepares electronic submission and submit to Office of Sponsored Programs for review.
  • Prior to or on the due date, Office of Sponsored Programs submits the grant application via Fed Ex or electronic submission.