Funded Projects

Evaluate Education Improvement in Schools that Received SIG Funding (2018) Principal Investigator: Leslie Hawley

Research Methodology

Nebraska Multi-Tiered System of Support Implementation Support Team Principal Investigator: Tanya Ihlo

Early Childhood, Rural Education

South Dakota Part C/Getting Ready Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

Early Childhood

Go NAP SACC Online Tool and Evaluation Principal Investigator: Dipti Dev

Common Measures e-Learning Principal Investigator: Seth Teager

Research Methodology

UNO-NASA Space Grant: Wearable Technologies Project (WearTec) Principal Investigator: Gwen Nugent

STEM Education

4-H Common Measures Principal Investigator: Leslie Hawley

An Examination of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation's Effects on Teacher-Student Interactions Principal Investigator: Sonya Bhatia

Supporting Early Childhood Development in Africa: Capacity-Building Partnership Principal Investigator: Natalie Koziol

Understanding Early Adolescents Coping with Peer Threat: Insecurity as a Risk Factor for Psychopathology Principal Investigator: Meredith Martin

Nebraska's ELO Design Challenge: Designing AQuESTT-Aligned ELO Programs Supporting School Districts Across Nebraska Principal Investigator: Leslie Hawley

Using Self-Regulation to Predict Preschoolers' Disruptive Behavior Disorders Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Enhancing Students with Math Difficulties Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra Principal Investigator: Jessica Min Namkung


Examining Elementary Teachers' Enactment of Digital Instructional Materials for Mathematics Principal Investigator: Amanda Thomas

STEM Education

STEM Pathways in the Community College: An Examination of How Community Colleges Broaden or Restrict Institutional Capacity for the STEM Transfer Function Principal Investigator: Elvira Abrica

STEM Education

Impact of Natural Environments on Symptom Expression in Children with Autism Principal Investigator: Julia Torquati

Development and Validation of the Inventario Dimensional de Avaliacao do Desenvolvimento Infantil Principal Investigator: Leslie Hawley

Needs and Adaptation of Caregivers of Young Children with Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome in Northeast Brazil: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study Principal Investigator: Natalie Williams

Preschool Science Talk in Action and Reflection (Pre-STAR) Principal Investigator: Soo-Young Hong

STEM Education, Early Childhood

NDE Getting Ready Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

Early Childhood

Closing the Health Gap: An Energy-Balance Approach to Bridging Early Childhood Obesity Disparities Among At-Risk Children in Rural and Urban Nebraska Principal Investigator: Changmin Yan

Early Childhood Plan Evaluation Principal Investigator: Greg Welch


Analysis of Effective Science Coaching: What, Why and How Principal Investigator: Gwen Nugent

STEM Education

Equity in Engineering: Understanding and Promoting All Elementary School Children's Knowledge of and Motivation to Engage in Engineering Principal Investigator: Lorey Wheeler

Assessing Home Food Environment and Diabetes Self-Management Among Adult Type 2 Diabetes Patients Principal Investigator: Weiwen Chai

Research Methodology

A Missing Link to a Better Tomorrow: Developing Health Literacy in Transition-age Youth with High Incidence Disabilities Principal Investigator: Alexandra Torkelson-Trout

A Randomized Trial of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) with Latino Students: A Replication Study Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

School Psychology Specialization in Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Principal Investigator: Scott Napolitano

Early Learning Network Lead Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Early Childhood, Rural Education

Learning Frontiers: Pre-K to Grade 3 Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Early Childhood, Rural Education

Efficacy of the START-Play Program for Infants with Neuromotor Disorders Principal Investigator: James Bovaird

Building Bridges through Relationships: A High-School Dropout Prevention Program Principal Investigator: Michael Scheel

Getting Ready 0-3 (GR03): Supporting the Development of Infants/Toddlers Through an Integrated Parent-Teacher Relationship-based Approach Principal Investigator: Lisa Knoche

Thresholds II Principal Investigator: Greg Welch

Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan Evaluation Principal Investigator: Dawn Davis

Collaborative Capacity Building in Rural Nebraska Schools via Technology:Teachers and Parents as Partners Principal Investigator: Amanda Witte

Math Early On II Principal Investigator: Ruth Heaton

Early Childhood, STEM Education

Estimating Mediation Effects in Prevention Studies Principal Investigator: Matt Fritz

Research Methodology

Developing a Model for Quality of Life: Identifying Domains and Determinants for Rural Ethnic Minorities Principal Investigator: Maria Rosario De Guzman

NAP SACC Web Development and Analysis Principal Investigator: Dipti Dev

Early Childhood

Family Style Dining: An Approach to Improve Healthier Meal Choices in Preschoolers Principal Investigator: Dipti Dev

Early Childhood

School Psychology Specialization in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders Principal Investigator: Gina Kunz

Early Childhood

Nebraska Wearable Technologies Principal Investigator: Bradley Barker

STEM Education

Evidence-Based Interactions Between Indoor Environmental Factors and Their Effects on K-12 Student Achievement Principal Investigator: Lily Wang

STEM Education

Efficacy of the Getting Ready Intervention at Supporting Parental Engagement and Positive Outcomes for Preschool Children at Educational Risk Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

A Randomized Trial of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) in Rural Educational Settings: Efficacy for Elementary Students with Disruptive Behaviors Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Neighborhood and Sociocultural Environments as Linked to the Risk of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes from Adolescence to Adulthood Principal Investigator: Weiwen Chai