Funded Projects : Psychosocial Development & Social-Emotional Learning

The Effectiveness of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation on Student Outcomes in Rural Communities: A Follow-Up Study Principal Investigator: Henry Bass

Cultural Responsive Practices Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

Take Flight Farms/St. Monica's Equine Assisted Therapy Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Go NAP SACC Online Tool and Evaluation Principal Investigator: Dipti Dev

Understanding Early Adolescents Coping with Peer Threat: Insecurity as a Risk Factor for Psychopathology Principal Investigator: Meredith Martin

Needs and Adaptation of Caregivers of Young Children with Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome in Northeast Brazil: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study Principal Investigator: Natalie Williams

A Missing Link to a Better Tomorrow: Developing Health Literacy in Transition-age Youth with High Incidence Disabilities Principal Investigator: Alexandra Torkelson-Trout

A Randomized Trial of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation (CBC) with Latino Students: A Replication Study Principal Investigator: Susan Sheridan

School Psychology Specialization in Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Principal Investigator: Scott Napolitano

Efficacy of the START-Play Program for Infants with Neuromotor Disorders Principal Investigator: James Bovaird

Developing a Model for Quality of Life: Identifying Domains and Determinants for Rural Ethnic Minorities Principal Investigator: Maria Rosario De Guzman

Starting School Socially and Behaviorally Ready: The Impacts of Malleable Home-Based Relationships and Community Setting Principal Investigator: Rachel Schumacher

The Efficacy of Technology-Delivered Mental Health Services in Rural Nebraska: Addressing the Needs of Students, Families and Schools Principal Investigator: Amanda Witte