Current Projects

Current Projects

Supporting Survivors & Self (SSS)

Supporting Survivors and Self (SSS) is an intervention for social supports of survivors of partner abuse and sexual aggression. This program is unique in that it is grounded in theories of behavioral etiology and behavioral change. Participants in the program (young adults) are given tools to help them in responding in healthy, positive ways should someone come to them to disclosing an experience with sexual abuse or violence. The program seeks to ultimately increase the positive social reactions while decreasing the negative social reactions to disclosures. It also provides participants with stress and coping strategies around receiving a disclosure, as well as an understanding of resources that can be used by victims (if needed). In the current study, we are testing the effectiveness of the intervention.

If you or someone you know is need of resources related to issues they are facing specific to sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and/or sexual harassment, please click on the link below.

National Resources

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