Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory

Research to Inform Prevention, Intervention & Policy

The Interpersonal Violence Research Laboratory uses evidence-based research to prevent interpersonal violence and support survivors.

Team Projects

What We Do

Our research focuses on interpersonal violence, primarily sexual assault and intimate partner violence among adolescents and young adults.

Our research findings are used to develop, implement and evaluate prevention, intervention and policy efforts that address intimate partner violence.

Research topics:

  • Understanding risk and protective factors for sexual assault and intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization, as well as factors that facilitate or hinder actions to prevent violence (i.e., bystander intervention).
  • The process of leaving an abusive relationship and how this process intersects with disclosure of abusive experiences, social reactions to disclosure and psychosocial recovery.
  • Participants' reactions to being part of research that studies their experiences with interpersonal violence.

Our mission is to conduct research that helps reduce — if not eliminate — interpersonal violence from communities and to promote recovery among survivors of interpersonal violence victimization.

Student Opportunities

Are you interested in studying interpersonal violence? There are a number of opportunities for students and community members to be involved in the lab.

Our team trains graduate and undergraduate students in methodologically rigorous approaches, while providing them with the knowledge and skills to translate their research into meaningful intervention, prevention and policy efforts.

Students are given the opportunity to be involved in all phases of the research, including study conceptualization and design, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of research findings. If you are not a student, there may be other opportunities for you to be involved.

If you are interested in being a research assistant in the IVR Lab, please complete the application (below), and send it along with a resume/CV and cover letter, to our lab manager, Mary Couture at mary.couture@unl.edu.

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