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Doctoral affiliate Hubel studying risk factors of child maltreatment

The Early Head Start program aims to give young children exactly that. However, the program has fought a recurring battle against the maltreatment of those children by the same low-income families it seeks to assist.

In 2009, CYFS Doctoral Student Affiliate Grace Hubel began working as a mental health consultant with a local Early Head Start center in Lincoln, Neb. Through her interactions with families and conversations with staff, Hubel realized that the program’s children seemed especially susceptible to the neglect and abuse that research has linked with psychiatric disorders, poor communication skills and antisocial behavior. Full Article

Faculty affiliate Edwards receives research award

Carolyn Pope Edwards
Carolyn Pope Edwards

CYFS Faculty Affiliate Carolyn Pope Edwards received the University of Nebraska’s 2012 Outstanding Research and Creative Activity Award during the April 11 University-wide Teaching, Research and Engagement Awards Luncheon in Lincoln, Neb.

Edwards, a Willa Cather Professor in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies and Department of Psychology, was one of two recipients of the award. It recognizes a sustained record of outstanding research or creative activity of national / international significance conducted by full-time faculty members at the University of Nebraska. The annual award dates back to 1978. Full Article

Witte, Dooley to visit Hong Kong

CYFS Doctoral Student Affiliates Amanda Witte (second from right) and Kadie Dooley (far right) will be joined by CEHS students Shari DeVeney (far left) and Brittany Grundel on a week-long trip to Hong Kong.
CYFS Doctoral Student Affiliates Amanda Witte (second from right) and Kadie Dooley (far right) will be joined by CEHS students Shari DeVeney (far left) and Brittany Grundel on a week-long trip to Hong Kong.

Two CYFS student affiliates will present their research – and immerse themselves in an “East meets West” culture – when they depart for a week-long visit to Hong Kong on Nov. 29.

Amanda Witte and Kadie Dooley, both doctoral candidates in the Department of Educational Psychology, were among four students recently selected to present research papers at the University of Hong Kong’s Postgraduate Research Conference on Dec. 3. Full Article

Student affiliates participate in CEHS research conference

Affiliates of the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools showcased their recent and ongoing studies during the Nov. 12 College of Education and Human Sciences Student Research Conference.

The conference, held throughout Teachers College and Mabel Lee Halls, gave students a forum to unveil research papers and project posters among their CEHS peers and mentors. Jon Pedersen, CEHS associate dean for research and CYFS faculty affiliate, provided the conference’s opening remarks. Full Article

Research finds complex links between income, child care

Conventional wisdom says that people get what they pay for – but a new study suggests that money goes only so far when it comes to finding quality child care.

The study, led by CYFS Faculty Affiliates Julia Torquati and Helen Raikes, examined whether family income, education level and other factors predicted the actual and parent-perceived quality of 359 Midwestern child care programs. Full Article

Swearer participates in White House conference on bullying

Susan Swearer, associate professor of educational psychology and CYFS faculty affiliate, participated in the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention held March 10.

Swearer was one of four national bullying experts who joined President and First Lady Obama, along with members of the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, to discuss the causes, consequences and prevention of bullying. Teachers, parents and students from across the United States were also on hand to lend their perspectives. Full Article

Plata-Potter focusing on Latinos’ early literacy

Sandra Plata-Potter wants to help first-generation Latino parents give their preschoolers a head start on literacy – and the resources to keep pace with their peers.

The CYFS doctoral student affiliate is collaborating with Faculty Affiliates Lisa Knoche and Helen Raikes to determine whether Latino parents’ engagement in a Head Start project encourages them to become more involved in literacy-related activities with their children. The researchers are also examining whether these home-based activities bolster children’s “emergent literacy” – the knowledge and skills that serve as foundations for reading and writing. Full Article