Nebraska Extension


Nebraska Extension programs and initiatives focused on early childhood, strengthening communities, and promoting health and well-being align with CYFS’s mission. The media team has been hired to elevate Extension projects through strategic content development, graphic design, video production and more.


  • Wellness in Tough Times direct mail pieces aimed at helping rural Nebraskans find support and take care of their health and wellness.
  • ATV Aware educational video targeting youth about ATV safety.
  • Start the Conversation Bingo and Catch Some ZZZs interactive games.

Services Provided

  • Content Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
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Graphic Design

Wellness in Tough Times mailers incorporated friendly, approachable graphics to encourage conversation, as well as agricultural references to support connections to rural communities.  Bingo cards and a foldable sleep game were also created to engage audiences in an interactive print format.

Video Production

The scripted How to Be ATV Aware educational video featured professional voiceover, animations and live action b-roll to help youth ages 7-12 understand safe ATV practices.