Eligible Schools

We are currently recruiting from IES-designated rural elementary schools from ESU 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10.

INSIGHTS in Nebraska

Understanding temperament to enhance children’s learning and development

INSIGHTS in Nebraska is a comprehensive social and emotional learning intervention that includes parent, teacher and classroom components that has been found to reduce disruptive behavior, improve attention skills, and improve reading and math achievement.

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What are the benefits of INSIGHTS in Nebraska?

In addition to improving classroom behavior and academic achievement, teachers and parents gain a rich understanding of children’s temperament and their own temperament. This insight allows them to tailor their responses accordingly and help advance children’s learning and development.

Benefits for Teachers

INSIGHTS strengthens teachers’ sense of efficacy and improves classroom quality. The intervention helps teachers provide emotional support to students by fostering a more positive classroom climate, and increasing their sensitivity to students’ needs and perspectives.

Teachers will receive twelve hours of free professional development workshops, ten individualized coaching sessions with facilitator, and strategies to help their students deal with daily dilemmas.

In addition, teachers will be compensated $400 for participating in the professional development and up to $300 for completing surveys about their teaching and their students.


hours of free professional development


individualized coaching sessions with facilitator


Meets English Language Arts & Social Studies state standards
Earn up to


Benefits for Parents

INSIGHTS helps children gain more empathy, enhance their self-regulation, and improve familial relationships. This program has also been proven especially effective for shy children, enhancing their critical thinking, increasing their classroom engagement, and improving their math skills.

Parents will be compensated $25 every time they fill out questionnaires about their child over a 2 year period (5 times total). Questionnaires are completed online for your convenience.

Children gain more empathy
Enhance their self-regulation
Improve their relationships


online questionnaires

Enhanced critical thinking
Increased classroom engagement
Improved math skills
Earn up to


Benefits for Schools

We believe INSIGHTS contributes to your school’s AQuESTT Evidence-based Analysis Responses, namely, INSIGHTS develops positive partnerships and relationships through teachers and parents learning about their individual temperament, and the temperament of the students, and working together to find solutions to achieve success.

INSIGHTS has also been proven to increase educator effectiveness through reflective practice and individualized ongoing coaching, as measured through the CLASS observation tool.

Benefits for Children

Children learn to enhance their empathy skills, appreciate the temperament of peers, family members, and teachers, and employ problem-solving techniques when they encounter daily dilemmas.

INSIGHTS has been proved to increase attention during class time, lessen disruptive behavior, and increase reading and math scores.