Assessing Home Food Environment and Diabetes Self-Management Among Adult Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Project Information

Principal Investigator: Weiwen Chai
Co-Principal Investigator:
Funding Agency: Layman Award
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Theme: Research Methodology
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Type 2 diabetes and its complications affect 350 million adults worldwide. However, successfully managing Type 2 diabetes through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles remains challenging for many diabetes patients. Assessing patients’ home food environment is important, since food purchased and consumed can affect blood glucose and lipid levels.


This study develops and tests a user-friendly home food checklist that can be used by adult diabetes patients. Research will also compare home food environment and dietary intake among four categorized groups: pre-diabetes patients, patients with recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, patients with long-term Type 2 diabetes of three or more years, and healthy individuals.


For each group, 50 participants will be recruited. Each group will include participants with similar age, gender, race/ethnicity, income level and educational backgrounds as participants in the other groups.


Researchers will also use follow-up interviews to identify challenges related to diabetes management and strategies for successful management.


Expected outcomes include:

1. Pre-diabetes patients and patients with Type 2 diabetes will have poorer scores in home food environment assessment and eating behaviors compared to healthy individuals; and

2. There will be differences in variables of home food environment, diabetes self-management, dietary intakes and physical activity among patient groups.


Findings will help researchers and diabetes educators tailor programs for successful diabetes management through improving home food environment and dietary practice.