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TAPP Online Training

Welcome to the Teachers and Parents as Partners Online Training Portal.

This training will teach you the basic skills for being an effective TAPP consultant in schools. During this training, you will learn evidence-based strategies for forming effective family-school partnerships, develop TAPP consultation skills, hear about real TAPP cases, and view videos that demonstrate parts of the TAPP process.

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What to Expect

TAPP on-line training has six modules designed to teach you about:

  • Centering family culture
  • Family school partnerships
  • TAPP process
  • TAPP stages

Each module includes:

  • Narrated slides
  • Required readings
  • Guided notes
    • We recommend that you download the guided notes before starting each module and complete them as you go through each module’s slides.
  • A post-test
    • Each module will have a corresponding post-test. You must score 80% or higher before you begin the next module.

Once you have completed all six modules and scored 80% or higher on every post-test, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Getting Started

The cost of this training is $20 ($10 for students). Training modules, training videos, guided notes, post-tests, and a certificate of completion are included in this fee. The TAPP and CBC books must be purchased separately.

After registering for online training, you can begin the first module (Module 0). You will receive a link to the post-tests within 48 hours. Your link will also be available on the Training Modules page when you sign in. Be sure to save the email with the link to your post-tests. You will need to return to that link after viewing each module to complete each corresponding post-test.

What you need:

  • The Tough Kid: Teachers and Parents as Partners by Susan M. Sheridan (available through Ancora Publishing)
  • Conjoint Behavioral Consultation: Promoting Family-School Connections and Interventions by Susan M. Sheridan and Thomas R. Kratochwill (available through Springer Publishers)
  • Guided Notes for Modules 0-5 (available after registration)


  • For additional information about TAPP, please visit the TAPP website:


  • The development of this training program was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences Grant Award Numbers R324A210166 and R324A100115, and the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska.
  • University of Nebraska—Lincoln Contributors
    • Susan Sheridan
    • Amanda Witte
    • Kristen Derr
    • Sonya Bhatia
    • Andrew White
    • Jared Stevens
    • Rachel Meisinger
    • Hannah Kerby
    • Sam Angell
    • Henry Bass
    • Micheale Marcus
    • Amanda Moen
    • Kara Brown
    • Libby Brower