Partnering for the Future

Fostering parent engagement in children’s education is important in helping young children reach their full potential. Teachers & Parents as Partners (TAPP) is a proven, research-based intervention aimed at establishing the parent-teacher relationships to help ensure the success of your child.

Bring TAPP to your School

The TAPP Process

TAPP builds partnerships between parents and teachers to help solve children's behavioral and academic challenges.

Building on Strengths

The TAPP process focuses on strengths to empower students and help them achieve their goals.

Planning for Success

Together, teachers and parents monitor student behavior, then select strategies to use at home and school.

Making Decisions Together

Parents and teachers check in with each other to review progress and adjust plans for student success.

The science behind TAPP
  • "I enjoyed working together with parents and communicating between home and school.”

    Alexis, Teacher
  • “We worked much more closely with my son’s teacher than we ever would have without TAPP.”

    Stacy, Parent
  • “I thought the consultations were well facilitated. The discussions generated positive ideas and strategies that were easy to implement.”

    Richard, Teacher
  • “It taught me some great new strategies for managing challenging behaviors in the classroom.”

    Marianne, Teacher
  • "We want to provide life-long skills that our students can use when they leave NBC and enter the working world. By partnering with parents we feel we will be more successful in accomplishing this common goal."

    Morgan, Preschool Teacher