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TAPP Online brings the Teachers and Parents as Partners intervention to rural communities to support students and foster partnerships between families and schools.

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About TAPP Online


TAPP Online is a five-year study that aims to identify the most effective way to prepare school specialists to implement the Teachers and Parents as Partners (TAPP) intervention in rural communities, while creating family-school partnerships to improve student success.

Our research team is leveraging virtual professional development to bring TAPP to rural communities. Our goals are to support school specialists as they deliver TAPP and promote positive school outcomes for students they serve.

Teachers and parents enrolled in the study will be paid for their participation.

What is TAPP?

TAPP is a problem-solving approach that builds on student strengths and fosters collaboration among parents and teachers. It has been shown to enhance students’ academic, behavioral, and social outcomes, and strengthen parent-teacher relationships. Learn more about TAPP.

Why do we need TAPP Online?

When families and schools work together, students succeed. Family-school partnerships are effective at addressing social-behavioral and mental health challenges that get in the way of student learning. This study offers enhanced services and evidence-based training to specialists in rural schools where the need is high and resources may be scarce, particularly amid the ongoing pandemic.


TAPP Online involves collaboration with dozens of rural elementary schools in Nebraska and Colorado. Thirty school-based consultants will implement TAPP with 240 students in Pre-kindergarten through Grade 5, and their teachers and families.

  • Promote academic, social and behavioral success of PreK-5 students who need extra help.
  • Support school specialists as they learn how to promote family-school partnerships.
  • Strengthen relationships between families and schools.
  • Gather information about typical services provided by the school.
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What to Expect

Your involvement in TAPP can have a significant positive impact on a child’s success at school and in life. Here is what to expect as a study participant.

How it’s Conducted:
  • School specialists agree to participate in the study, and are randomly placed in one of two groups:
    • TAPP Services
    • Typical School Services
  • Specialists help identify PreK-5 teachers of students with learning or behavioral concerns. In collaboration with school personnel, research staff obtain parent permission to participate.
  • All participants complete some surveys assessing students’ behaviors, current practices, and home-school involvement.
  • Video classroom observations and parent interviews are conducted over approximately 8 weeks.
  • All specialists, teachers and parents will receive compensation for their participation.
During TAPP services:
  • School specialists are trained in TAPP using a virtual platform, and receive ongoing coaching and support from research staff.
    • Specialists meet with both the teacher and parents to problem-solve barriers and help develop plans and resources.
    • Specialists, teachers and parents co-create student behavior plans that are meaningful and feasible to provide extra help to students.
During typical school services:
  • Students, teachers and parents continue receiving support from specialists and other school staff.
  • Information about programs and practices delivered in schools and classrooms is collected.

Participation is voluntary and all information collected is kept confidential.

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More information for school administrators, specialists, teachers and parents is available below:
Administrator Handout School Specialist Handout Teacher Handout

Parent Handout Parent Handout (Spanish)

Get Started

Hello, and thank you for your interest in TAPP Online! My name is Laura Escobedo and I’m the project manager for the study.

To get started, please contact me directly at lescobedo2@unl.edu or complete the following form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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