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Development and Preliminary Test of the Empowering Networks to Eliminate Trans Stigma (E-NETS) Intervention

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Principal Investigator: Elliot Tebbe
Co-Principal Investigator:
Funding Agency: Layman Award
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Trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people experience high rates of adverse health outcomes — such as anxiety, depression and heightened suicide risk — and a severe lack of access to appropriate health care providers and health information.

Research has identified a number of factors that relate to documented health disparities, including experiences of prejudice, discrimination and stigma, as well as the internalization of anti-trans attitudes. There is a critical need for intervention strategies targeting universal and TGNC-specific risk factors to address psychological health concerns for TGNC people.

This research aims to develop and test the efficacy of a cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention aimed at decreasing depression and anxiety among trans people by targeting both universal (e.g., rumination, emotion regulation, lack of social connection) and TGNC-specific risk factors (e.g., internalized stigma).

In this study, 100 participants will be recruited and randomly assigned to one of three conditions — stimulus video only, expressive-writing task only, and video and expressive-writing task. Data will be collected across three time points to determine differences between conditions and effects over time.