2018 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood
2018 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood

Graduate Research Posters

Nutritional/Physical Development
Early Intervention
Early Childhood Contextual Factors


7) Examining Dosage: Comparisons of Program Impact Across Two Dosage Cohorts

J. Joshua Byrd; Helen Raikes, Ph.D.
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8) Finding a Fit: Temperamental Profiles in Preschool and School Readiness

Andrew White; Kate Sirota; Kathleen Rudasill, Ph.D..

9) Mindfulness-Based Intervention Pilot Study for Preschool Teachers

Amy Colgrove; Victoria Molfese, Ph.D.; Holly Hatton-Bowers, Ph.D.
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10) Night-to-Night Variability in the Bedtime Routine Impacts Sleep in Toddlers

Amanda Prokasky; Matthew Fritz, Ph.D.; Victoria Molfese, Ph.D.
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11) Sociomoral and Environmental Moral Reasoning in Preschool-Aged Children

Amy Encinger; Erin Hamel; Amy Colgrove; Julia Torquati, Ph.D.

12) Toddler Temperament as a Predictor of Maternal Parenting Stress

Amy Encinger; Amanda Prokasky; Victoria Molfese, Ph.D.; Kathleen Rudasill, Ph.D.

13) Varying Amounts of Sleep Over Three Weeks Influence Children's Performance

Keting Chen; Dennis Molfese, Ph.D.; Victoria Molfese, Ph.D.
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