2018 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood
2018 CYFS Summit on Research in Early Childhood

Graduate Research Posters

Nutritional/Physical Development
Early Intervention
Early Childhood Contextual Factors

early childhood contextual factors

34) Chinese Student Perceptions of Early Education in the United States

Qingyu Jiang; Amy Encinger; Kelley Buchheister, Ph.D.; Jasmin Smith
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35) Examining Working Pregnant Women’s Needs for Childcare in Nebraska

Kara Cruickshank; Holly Hatton-Bowers, Ph.D.; Soo-Young Hong, Ph.D.
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36) Findings From a Pilot MELQO Study in Lesotho

Anna Burton; Dawn Davis, Ph.D.; Abbie Raikes, Ph.D.; Orphee Tamba

37) The Role of Homeless Shelters in Connecting Families to Resources

Ann Matthews; Erin Hamel; Julia Torquati, Ph.D.
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38) Using National and State Standards to Evaluate Preschool Music Curricula

Jentry Barrett; Rachel Schachter, Ph.D.
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