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Ready Rosie

Research Team


Principal Investigator: Dawn Davis

Funding Information

Funding Agency: Buffett Early Childhood Fund

Award Date: Jan 1, 2019

End Date: Apr 29, 2022


ReadyRosie is an early education resource that helps families, schools and communities throughout the country deepen and scale their family engagement efforts. Its tools leverage the power of video modeling, family workshops, professional development opportunities and mobile technology to build powerful partnerships between families and educators.

ReadyRosie is a birth through elementary family engagement resource that facilitates family partnerships that will influence student outcomes. The program incorporates the latest research on family engagement, developmentally appropriate practice, state and national standards, family protective factors and core social emotional competencies as the foundation of learning games and activities. It provides data for administrators, teachers and families to measure outcomes. 

ReadyRosie has more than 1,000 “Modeled Moment” English and Spanish videos that are delivered to families via text, email and website. It enables educators to target specific skills and customize and individualize the videos to be shared with the parents of the students in their classrooms. It can also be used to provide interactive family workshops, for professional development and to support to build a cohesive family engagement plan. 

ReadyRosie will be piloted in 300 birth through preschool classrooms statewide with parents and teachers. The Buffett Early Childhood Fund has committed to supporting expansion of the program if the pilot is successful.

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