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NeMTSS Virtual Summit | System Alignment/MTSS Support

Mary Jo McElhose Quality Assurance, Nebraska Dept. of Education

Laura Barrett Co-Coordinator, Nebraska Dept. of Education

Kristy Feden Regional Support Lead, Regions 1 & 2, Nebraska Dept. of Education

Families & Schools


This session will conclude the NeMTSS summit. The NeMTSS team will summarize the summit, connect presentations to NeMTSS goals and essential elements, and link summit lessons to a successful 2020-2021 school year. Participants will learn to:

- Identify the purpose of NeMTSS and the rationale of the 2020 NeMTSS Summit

- Recognize how to utilize the resources from the Summer SEL Series and the 2020 NeMTSS Summit

- Understand specific supports for various educational systems (ESUs, districts, schools, teams) provided by the NeMTSS team