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Understanding the needs of Zika-affected caregivers

Natalie Williams, Ph.D.Principal Investigator

Pompéia Villachan-Lyra, Ph.D.Principal Investigator

Emmanuelle Chaves, Ph.D.


In the wake of the 2015-16 Zika outbreaks in Brazil, parents of children born with congenital Zika syndrome were confronted with many challenges that made them vulnerable to adverse mental health impacts. Parenting a child with significant medical and developmental needs, often with little support, can lead to high levels of anxiety and depression and interfere with their ability to offer optimal care.

Researchers from Nebraska and Brazil set out to understand the psychological experiences of Zika-affected caregivers in an effort to develop an early intervention program to enhance caregiver well-being and their capacity to support their children’s long-term health and development.

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