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Fall 2022 Methodology Application Series: Kristy Feden, Ed.D | "Lessons from the Field"

Kristy Feden, Ed.D.Senior Director of Special Services, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, School District

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Research Methodology


Kristy Feden, senior director of special services, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, School District, led the second presentation of the MAP Academy’s Fall 2022 Methodology Applications Series.

Her presentation, titled, “Lessons from the Field: What it Really Takes to Move From Research to Practice in a Large Urban School District,” brings to life the application of National Implementation Research Network stages of implementation in a large urban school district regarding district-wide development and implementation of a multi-tiered system of support.

This presentation also highlights gaps and barriers to implementation as well as strategies implementation support practitioners may utilize when facilitating large-scale implementation efforts in a public school environment.