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ELN Spring Webinar Series | Transitions & Alignment

Ginny Vitiello, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, University of Virginia

Kelly Purtell, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Science, The Ohio State University

Early Childhood


A child’s transition from pre-K to kindergarten is a critical time. It builds the foundation for academic, behavioral and social-emotional skills, as well as positive family-school connections, for years to come. 

Results from the Early Learning Network’s diverse research studies suggest there is significant misalignment — or lack of continuity — in the experiences children have across the pre-K to kindergarten transition. Join two of the Early Learning Network’s research leaders to explore alignment and discuss ways to ease children’s transition to formal school.

This webinar will help you:

-Better understand what “alignment” means in educational systems.

-Discover key differences between pre-K and kindergarten classrooms.

-Learn practices and policies that can bring children’s early experiences into greater alignment and promote a smooth transition to school.