Funded Projects : STEM Education

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The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools is an interdisciplinary research center in the College of Education and Human Sciences at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

HOME C2OOKING: Creative Culinary Opportunities Offering Kids Inquiry-Based Nutritional Genius Principal Investigator: Kelley Buchheister

STEM Education

Maker Fridays: Engaging Rural and Underrepresented High School Students in Pre-Engineering Design and Creativity Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Nebraska STEM: Supporting Elementary Rural Teacher Leadership Principal Investigator: Amanda Thomas

4-H Common Measures Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Nebraska's ELO Design Challenge: Designing AQuESTT-Aligned ELO Programs Supporting School Districts Across Nebraska Principal Investigator: Michelle Howell Smith

Enhancing Students with Math Difficulties Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra Principal Investigator: Jessica Min Namkung

Examining Elementary Teachers' Enactment of Digital Instructional Materials for Mathematics Principal Investigator: Amanda Thomas

STEM Education

STEM Pathways in the Community College: An Examination of How Community Colleges Broaden or Restrict Institutional Capacity for the STEM Transfer Function Principal Investigator: Elvira Abrica

STEM Education

Preschool Science Talk in Action and Reflection (Pre-STAR) Principal Investigator: Soo-Young Hong

Analysis of Effective Science Coaching: What, Why and How Principal Investigator: Gwen Nugent

STEM Education

Equity in Engineering: Understanding and Promoting All Elementary School Children's Knowledge of and Motivation to Engage in Engineering Principal Investigator: Lorey Wheeler

Math Early On II Principal Investigator: Victoria Molfese

Nebraska Wearable Technologies Principal Investigator: Bradley Barker

STEM Education

Evidence-Based Interactions Between Indoor Environmental Factors and Their Effects on K-12 Student Achievement Principal Investigator: Lily Wang

STEM Education