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The benefits of TAPP for parents and families

March 22, 2023

Parents who participated in Teachers and Parents as Partners, or TAPP, grew stronger relationships with their child’s teacher, felt empowered to advocate for their child and saw improvements in their child’s behavior.

Partnering with teachers provides many benefits to parents and families, including improved communication with teachers and school staff, frequent updates on how children are doing in school, and the opportunity to provide meaningful input on students’ goals and the supports they need to be successful.

Teachers and Parents as Partners, known simply as TAPP, is an intervention in which parents and teachers collaborate to meet students’ needs by sharing ideas and creating behavior support plans to use at school and home.

TAPP works because of its ability to strengthen relationships between parents and teachers. The program can benefit parents and families by strengthening their relationships with teachers in the following ways:

  1. 1. Building trust.
  2. 2. Supporting two-way communication.
  3. 3. Promoting shared responsibility for students’ success.

We explore these three benefits further below.

Building trust

How does TAPP build trust between parents and teachers?

Relationships and partnerships between parents and teachers begin and flourish with a foundation of trust. In a trusting relationship, parents are confident that the teacher cares for and wants what is best for their child. They feel validated when educators listen to and understand their concerns and needs. In practice, TAPP invites parent perspectives and prioritizes mutual respect between home and school. Trust is built by spending time together, respecting opinions, following through on commitments and being considerate of each other's efforts. All of these elements are fostered in TAPP-led relationships.

Supporting two-way communication

How does TAPP support two-way communication between home and school?

Partnering with teachers provides opportunities for parents to be heard and included in decisions about their child's education. Throughout three to four TAPP meetings, a school specialist (i..e, school psychologist, school counselor or other school team member) creates space for open and nonjudgemental communication between a student’s parent(s) and teacher. In addition to creating a plan to address the student’s needs, the team figures out the best way for parents and teachers to stay in touch over time. The school specialist can share ideas for when, where, and how parents and teachers can communicate. Options include home-school notes, text messages or a weekly phone call. The goal is to create an easy, reliable way parents and teachers can share their wins and challenges with one another in a positive, constructive way.

Promoting shared responsibility for students’ success

How does TAPP promote shared responsibility for students’ success?

Parents and teachers both have important roles in supporting a student’s education. Successful parent-teacher partnerships recognize each party brings valuable experience, knowledge and expertise to the table. During the TAPP process, parents and teachers work together to blend their expertise and co-create effective plans for home and school. Parents and teachers both provide valuable insights to increase student success and learning. They work continuously until students meet their goals. Together, parents and teachers create a collaborative and supportive learning environment that helps children achieve their full potential.

How can I bring TAPP to my school?

Your school may be eligible to participate in one of our ongoing research projects across the U.S.

All parents, teachers, school specialists and school administrators are welcome to contact our team to learn about opportunities to bring TAPP to your school.

Where can I learn more about TAPP?

For additional information on TAPP, please explore our website, which features research findings, webinars and testimonials from parents and teachers who have participated in TAPP. We also have a handout for school administrators.

We are happy to answer your questions about TAPP and how to get started!