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Examining the Associations Among Rural Low-Income Immigrant Parents' Health and Nutrition Literacy, Health- and Food-Related Parenting, and Their Children's Development

Research Team


Principal Investigator: Evan Choi

Funding Information

Funding Agency: Central Plains Federal Statistical Research Data Center (CPRDC)

Award Date: Jan 1, 2017

End Date: Aug 31, 2017


The project uses restricted-access versions of U.S. Census Bureau data to examine rural, low-income immigrant families and their health-related behaviors, and how they relate to their children’s health and developmental outcomes.

The study merges census data with the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s National Health Interview Survey to explore both factors at individual, family and community levels.

Findings will help streamline census data collection programs and pave the way for future health education programs designed for low-income, rural immigrant families.

Psychosocial Development & Social-Emotional Learning

Evan Choi, associate professor of child, youth and family studies
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