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CYFS director Sheridan presents research at chancellor’s series

CYFS director Susan Sheridan discussed how relationships, environments and interventions shape the futures of children as part of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series on Nov. 30, 2010.

Titled “Ready for School, Ready for Life: Creating a Future for All Children,” Sheridan’s presentation examined the cognitive and social-emotional skills disadvantaged children need to succeed upon entering school – along with the family and environmental supports necessary to cultivate these skills.

In addition to covering the foundations of positive parent-child relationships, Sheridan explored the capacity of family-school partnerships to enhance children’s academic performance, behavior and social competence. She concluded by delving into the design and results of a CYFS intervention study focused on establishing stimulating environments, fostering meaningful connections, and helping children thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Sheridan was introduced by UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman, who was among approximately 100 faculty, students and members of the public in attendance at the Nebraska Union Auditorium.

“This is a terrific event for our university community,” Perlman said. “I think it’s critically important as part of a vibrant intellectual community that we would gather here to hear one of our own.”