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Radio interview: Kunz discusses teacher coaching

Gina Kunz
Gina Kunz

Gina Kunz, CYFS research associate professor, shared her team’s research on teaching coaching Thursday, April 6 during the Paul Durban Show on KFOR, a Lincoln, Nebraska, radio station.

The team’s original study investigated how ‘coaches’—trained educators—can help teachers enhance instruction, particularly when using new instructional approaches. Their sample included middle and high school teachers in rural schools across Nebraska.

The team is now conducting a new study, funded by the National Science Foundation, to investigate which coaching strategies are most effective.

During the interview, Kunz shared an overview of the team’s two studies and discussed their research findings. She also shared some of the feedback her team received from participating teachers.

“In general, the teachers told us they really enjoyed having a coach to work with and trying something new in their classrooms,” Kunz said. “[Teachers] shared that they were much more willing to try these new strategies in the classroom because they knew they would have a coach there to support them.”

The research team includes Gwen Nugent, CYFS research professor; Kunz; and Jim Houston, CYFS project manager.

Listen to the full radio interview: