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Nugent serves as co-editor of new robotics book

Gwen Nugent
Gwen Nugent

As ever-younger children grow up with cell phones, tablet computers and photorealistic video games, a CYFS researcher has co-edited a new book designed to help educators teach students using another technology: robotics.

CYFS Research Associate Professor Gwen Nugent teamed up with three University of Nebraska researchers, including two CYFS faculty affiliates, to edit and contribute to the recently published “Robots in K-12 Education: A New Technology for Learning.”

The 407-page reference book covers theoretical and instructional perspectives on robotics; the use of robotics in classroom and out-of-school settings; and the potential for student learning through robotics competitions.

Nugent co-authored two chapters on the educational value of robotics in non-classroom settings. The chapters explore the development and impact of the Geospatial and Robotic Technologies for the 21st Century project, which integrates robotics and GPS technologies into after-school programs, summer camps and 4-H clubs. In addition to summarizing the project, the chapters examine its influence on students’ science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning, attitudes and workplace skills.

CYFS Faculty Affiliates Bradley Barker, associate professor with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s 4-H Youth Development, and Neal Grandgenett, professor of teacher education at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, co-edited the book. Viacheslav Adamchuk, associate professor at McGill University (Canada) and adjunct at UNL, also served as co-editor.

To purchase or learn more about the book, click here.