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CYFS database and research technologies provide essential tools for researchers, data managers

CYFS Database and Research Technologies services offer solutions to help streamline your data needs. Learn more.

Do you manage research or administrative data? Do you collect data from schools, teachers and families? Do you export and analyze those data and need them to be connected? Are easily understandable visuals crucial to sharing information with your audience?

If so, the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools can help ensure your project’s success.

For researchers, administrators and anyone who collects and uses any type of data — research or otherwise — success relies heavily on data accessibility, organization and security. CYFS is uniquely positioned to assist with collecting, managing and exporting data to streamline and enhance the entire process.

CYFS’ expertise will help you enhance your project through:

  • Data collection websites and mobile applications
  • Data management, storage and backup
  • Data analysis, reporting and visual presentation
  • Qualtrics and other software integration
  • Customized user dashboards
  • User-friendly team scheduling and management
  • Time-tracking and other user analytics
  • Relational databases to link research participants and manage nested data (e.g., students, teachers or schools)
  • Asynchronous, dynamic professional development and training
  • Security

Database systems are user-friendly and accessible, ensuring easy access for research participants, data collectors and analysts, and research or unit administrators. Participants can log on to customized data collection portals to securely submit their data, and administrators can access those data in real time to review, organize and export.

If a unit needs data visualization, such as charts, graphs or PDFs, these visual tools can be automatically generated from the administrator dashboard, displaying your data cleanly and effectively.

CYFS data services can be seamlessly integrated with statistics analysis and methodology, and strategic written and visual communications, in coordination with expertise provided by other CYFS support units, including the MAP Academy and CYFS Communications & Media Team.

Learn more about how CYFS Database and Research Technologies services can help streamline your data needs. If you’re interested in these services, visit CYFS Research Support.