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NAECR Networking event focuses on exploring research impacts through partnerships

Attendees of the Dec. 5 NAECR Networking event discussed strategies for coordinating research impacts through strong partnerships.

Research collaborations and partnerships are essential for early childhood researchers.

During a Dec. 5 NAECR Networking event, Jocelyn Bosley, UNL research impact coordinator, shared her strategies for coordinating research impacts, including the facilitation of research partnerships. Full Article

CYFS releases 2021-22 annual report

CYFS has released its annual report for the 2021-22 fiscal year. View the annual report: Interactive | PDF

Through all the societal changes of the past few years, the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools has remained focused on impacting lives through research that advances learning and development.

With diverse partners in research, practice and policy, the center continues to work to address the social, behavioral and educational needs of communities in Nebraska and beyond, leveraging research and collaboration to make a difference in the lives of others — from birth to adulthood. Full Article

Creating, maintaining research partnerships focus of NAECR Knowledge event

Creating and maintaining solid research partnerships is crucial to advancing quality education for children.

Establishing and sustaining productive research partnerships is critical for early childhood researchers, but these can sometimes be difficult to create.

A panel of University of Nebraska early childhood researchers and community partners from across Nebraska led a virtual discussion Nov. 17 about the importance of creating and maintaining research partnerships in the first NAECR Knowledge event of the fall. Full Article

Video available for MAP Academy presentation featuring Kristy Feden

Kristy Feden, senior director of special services for the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, School District, led the second presentation of the Fall 2022 Methodology Applications Series Nov. 11.

Video is now available of Feden’s virtual presentation, “Lessons from the Field: What it Really Takes to Move from Research to Practice in a Large Urban School District.” Full Article

Welcome to the team, Dr. Alex Mason!

Alex Mason, CYFS research professor

Name: W. Alex Mason

Title: Research Professor

Hometown:  Fort Riley, Kansas

Where did you work prior to joining CYFS? What was your role there, and what did it entail?

“I was previously at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee, as a professor, Division of Epidemiology, in the Department of Preventive Medicine. One of my responsibilities was to lead a large-scale pregnancy cohort study of 1,503 mother-child dyads who have been followed — so far — into children’s early adolescent years with extensive multi-method data collection, including surveys, observations, neuropsychological tests and biospecimens.” Full Article

NAECR selects 2022-23 Policy Fellows

The Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research has selected six faculty members to serve as Policy Fellows for the 2022-23 academic year.

The NAECR Policy Fellows Program is designed to educate early childhood researchers on policy processes, impacts and relationships to research; to provide policymakers with insight into the latest early childhood research at the University of Nebraska; and to generate collaboration among researchers and policymakers to develop effective research agendas that enrich early childhood experiences. Full Article

Nebraska Extension early childhood team develops quality child care guide

Nebraska Extension’s “Child Care Essentials: Choosing Quality Child Care in Nebraska” guide is available online and will be provided to parents of newborns at all Nebraska hospitals. Learn more about this project in the CYFS Research Network.

Access to quality child care is essential for working parents. Early care and education settings — including homes, child care centers and out-of-school programs — help Nebraska communities thrive by contributing to a strong workforce, while also providing children with safe and nurturing environments that foster their learning and development. Full Article